February 23, 2014

Cancelled Cagayan De Oro Trip.

Today, I was supposed to travel to Cagayan De Oro City for the second time. Unfortunately, my friends can't make it to so even I need to cancel. We were planning tonvisit Camiguin but I just don't feel right about it. 

February 12, 2014

A birthday message for my cousin dear Chaykim.

You are the lady who taught me that long distance relationship doesn't really matter. Why? Because you never missed of sending me letters, as if you were just beside me and having girl-talk. You always make me feel I am remembered. Why? Even years of not seeing each other whenever dad comes home from Manila, You often send me gifts that really made me so special and loved. Simple things but it gave me good memories of you. You are my cousin by blood but we have always been sisters since our parents introduced stationary pads to us! You were the one who always stays with me even in my worst and weirdest mood. So, in your Birthday I would like everyone to know how lucky and blessed I am for having you! You truly are a great sister to be forever treasured. I Love you Ate Kim and Happy happy Birthday!! I know you really can't wait to go home and just so you know we are too, but just take some time to enjoy and explore the place where you are now. I am looking forward to seeing you on our Ilocos getaway! Stay strong. We all love you! Happy birthday! 

Year End Post.

As we bid goodbye to year 2013, let us all be thankful for the blessings and trials that has come to us, for these are the reason that brought us to where we are now. Everything happens for a reason. Forgive me if I have hurt your feelings or in any way disrespected you.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning and a new year. We should always keep the faith and be contented.

Thank you for being part of our 2013 memories, because of you this year has been worth-living-for. In the coming year 2014, may we conquer the trials together and embrace each happy moments, InshaAllah!

Happy Happy New Year 2014! The year of the Horse is on its way! :)

February 6, 2014

A Risk Taker is on her way!

After almost four years of taking over our family business I finally decided to pursue with my dreams.

This time, I am preparing myself for a new chapter of my life. I wanted a new challenge a new environment and something interesting to do with my career.

I am currently torn between two great opportunities. First, to works as a cabin crew or to be an executive assistant of the Labour Attache of Philippines to Malaysia.

I am looking forward a very successful turn-out of my career! 😄 

May 25, 2013

Triple Celebration! 05-13-13

(I posted this on Facebook last May 13, 2013)

Today, I rejoice for I have been blessed by Allah with a prosperous and bountiful 23years of life. I am thankful for so many beautiful things that kept me going and for the trials that made me strong. God has a never-ending-life-surprises, the reason why I have to celebrate and be joyous for the gift of life he has bestowed on me.

To my mother,

I thank you and I love you very much. You and dad gave me a wonderful life that I will never bargain for anything in this world. You have my respect and love, without you and dad I won't be celebrating life today. Happy Mother's Day!

To my Father,

I salute you. Your vision for Tawi-Tawi has 'wowed' its people and that gives them hope that Tawi-Tawi has the chance to change its ways. We salute you for continuously promoting clean-politics in our province. We, your family, stand with you and willing to work hand in hand for the betterment of Tawi-Tawi. Inshallah, this time you can make it to the Assembly! Whatever the result of the Elections 2013, I still congratulate you for you have already done a good job to help our province. I am and will forever be a proud daughter. I love you daddiyo!

To all well-wishers,

Thank you very much for the greetings and wishes! If it is not too much to ask, the only gift I ask from you, -- to the voters, one vote for my dad for Assemblyman (#4) and PRAYERS that may the Elections 2013 results will be the start of a better tomorrow for the province of Tawi-Tawi. Godbless!

April 16, 2013

The more you love, the more you hate.

I forgot the feeling of being in Love. But whenever I remember it, I just wanna totally forget it, 'cause it just reminds me of someone whom I once wasted my time and effort. So, if you really care for me don't make me think back of that memory, you might just lose me. :) ✌

February 13, 2013

Breath Taking Experience.

I experienced breathtaking adventure! Another spontaneous day. Went to Simunul Island for the first time. We were welcomed by big waves, rain and then the sun!

Happy Valentine's Day from God. :D

Woke up early this morning and forgetting that today is February 14, before I jump out of my bed I decided to read one chapter in Paulo Coelho's book.

Unintentionally, when I opened the book the chapter's title was "Remaining Open to Love".

This was the reason of my genuine smile today, God has given me wisdom as a valentine's gift, which I can forever instill in my daily Life.

Love is not only loving one particular person but it means loving people around you with all your heart and Love people by caring to them in-spite of your differences in Life.

Love can cure everything.

This wisdom I received today is more greater than receiving any bouquet of flowers and dozens of chocolates.

For this, may you find love in any other way, and always remember Love Cures.

Today, may you find love and peace in your heart. I am giving my love to all of you! Happy Valentine's Day!

December 6, 2012

Last days of year 2012!

Oh, Hello December! I didn't even notice that we have come to the last month of 2012. Maybe that explains how much I really did enjoy the rest of the year, for I have accomplished a lot of things in my bucket list. And so now, instead of receiving more, I’ll savor the remaining days of year 2012 by thanking GOD for a splendid year that he has given me and my family. And hope you'll do the same! May we all enjoy the last days of 2012! :D

November 10, 2012

Productive Life!

I always wanted to live my life to the fullest.

The reason why I make sure to pursue my dreams as soon as I can.

This year 2012, at the age of 22 years old, I told myself to make this age a starting point for a healthy living.

I started by enrolling in Scuba Diving lessons last September 2012 and on October of 2012, eagerly waking up early in the morning to practice Lawn Tennis up to date.

Scuba Diving and Lawn Tennis are good sports for me to indulge myself into a productive younger years of my life.

I am making sure to experience these kind activities, so in the future I won't regret anything as great as this, which not all people has the opportunity to practice these. =)

November 9, 2012

True Halloween experience:

At home in Ilo-Ilo city, lights are all off. 
Silence covered the entire house. 
I went out of the room to go to the bathroom when I felt someone's sitting in the sala looking at me, 
when my eyes adjust to the darkness, that's when I realized it was in a camouflage, in a complete Marine uniform. 
I didn't move because I was frightened, 
I dunno who it was and why is it in the house alone sitting in the sofa silently, the face of the human is still unclear. . . When suddenly it says 'pssssst! Ga ano ka dah???' ha!! I breathed heavily, si mamu (my auntie) lang gali!! She was having her dress rehearsal for our halloween party! She was struggling to fit the size 12 boots of Tito Mars (my Uncle) into her lady feet! Haha! 

I thought, true ghost na!!!!

And that is my Mamu, our ever supportive Auntie with her complete Marine Uniform. haha!

November 7, 2012

Budget Travel to Davao City, Philippines!

After experiencing Cebu City last January 2012, now let me share you another budget travel of mine to the nicest and the largest city in the Philippines which is DAVAO City, and it is located in the Mindanao part of the Philippines.

Before I start with my confession, you should at-least have a pen and a paper to jot down some ideas that you think it may help you with your travel to Davao City...

Here it goes..

The trip won't be possible without the Promo of Airphil Express! So thanks to the airline, I only spent Php700.00 roundtrip ticket for 2 person! Booked this ticket for me and my sister as my gift for her birthday.

Our travel date was last July 13, 2012, we landed at Davao International Airport around 10 in the morning.

From the airport we took a taxi to our hotel and paid Php200.00. We stayed at Aveflor Inn for only Php 650.00 per night with (1) Matrimonial Bed that is ideal for two! It is located right at the center of the town, if you take the jeep it will only cost you Php 7.00 per ride.

We had our lunch at Penong's Barbecue House, the taste is delightful, you might wanna bring some home as your pasalubong! You're already 'Busog' with one big slice of barbecue chicken and an unlimited rice for only Php92.00!

After we checked In and had our lunch, our adventure in Davao City, began. . .

We started our adventure by visiting the famous People's Park. No entrance Fee! 

What can you see? - The place features the culture that Davao has. You can take a picture with the big statue of the Philippine Eagle, the local tribes, and most especially the famous Durian!
The place is also most visited by the Families, it has all the facilities for picnics, jogging, and for camping too! It has a mini convention inside and Library for children.

Another a must see places are:

*GAP FARM - "Land of Promise".

Entrance Fee - Php 30.00
Taxi Hotel to Gap Farm - Php135.00
Things to See in Gap Farm:
 - Parade of the Philippines
 - Statue of 'Aswangs'
 - Sinaunang mga Ninuno
 - Philippine Tribes


Entrance Fee - Php 150.00/pax
Taxi from Gap Farm to Crocodile Farm - Php 90.00
Inclusive of:
 - Animal Show @ 4PM
          Crocodiles (Pangil) Must bring extra clothing, you might get wet because of the Crocs!
          Birds (Eagles/Kalaos)
          Snakes - You'll get the chance to take a picture with them!
 - Fire Dance - It's Free, just give a tip, 'cause it's a lot of fun!
 - Cultural Dancing while you're having your dinner.

Dinner at Tribu Kamindanaon!
Beef Kaldereta, Manok sa Gata (Chicken Curry), Plain Rice and Drinks for only php 485.00 good for (3) heads.

Additional Services: (Excluded in Entrance Fee)
Water Rafting and zipline - Php 2,000.00 per head. The Bigger your group is the cheaper you can get the price!

At Night.. After a long tiring adventure, you can relax at Jack's Ridge relaxing view! Enjoy a sip of coffee at Karlos Gourmet for only Php 130.00. Or, you can even have your dinner there!

NOTE: Must Bring a good quality camera for good shot at Night!

Malls in Davao!

- Abreeza, Ayala Malls - Taxi Fare - Php110.00
- SM Mall - Taxi Fare - Php 130.00

For Pasalubong you can buy the delicious sweet Pomelo and the Durian candies!

*Isla Reta, Davao City!

Habal-Habal for Php60.00

May 11, 2012

Birthday Mood. =)

Before I celebrate the most memorable day of my Life, God has taught me 
something really important. . that is to L♥ve myself more. No matter what 
people say about me, I just have to know and trust myself more than 
anything. Now, I am ready to face another awesome year of God's Gift. =)

For now, I'll keep myself very busy with work. But Next week, I'll reward 
myself for a job well done throughout my 22 years of existence. =)

February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day MOOD. :)

When everyone seems so busy planning their Valentine's Surprises and plans for dinner and what-so-ever.. 

Well, here I am Spent two hours watching Ryan Higa's "TEEHEE's" Videos. Wasn't able to finish my 'things-to-do-today', but 'twas worth it though.


- For those who are expecting to receive flowers and chocolates from their
special ♥, GOODLUCK to you, wait and expect and stay In-♥ OR you may end up breaking your heart. :)

I may not feel the spirit of ♥'s Day this time of the year, but I'll surely make sometime when I found the true ♥ of mine.

'til then bloggers! See y'all tomorrow! Happy ♥'s Day! TEEHEE!

January 22, 2012

Welcomes you to CEBU City!

January 15, 2012.
DAY 1.

Left Zamboanga International Airport at 9:25AM and Arrived Cebu Mactan International Airport at 10:25AM via Cebu Pacific Airline.

Upon arriving Cebu City, we proceed to the mall and..

Bought our ♥ Sinulog Shirt at the Islands Souvenirs.

I was with my Classmates in High School;
Leo, Saida, Shara, Shieka, Joyce, Me, John and my Sister Suyen.
(From Left to right then center)

Here's our group picture while stopping the other Sinulog Float just for us to have a nice shot with the float! We really had fun hiding from the guards just to get into the highlight of the parade!

After a long. long. long walk, just to follow the street dancing, we finally had a rest and ate at the corner of the street. We ate Tempura and Hotdog and drink a bottle of water.

Done with the eating! Of course, I don'wanna waste my 3Days vacation in Cebu that's why we proceed with our "Pasyalan"!
In the picture, we were in the Entrance of Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu City.

After a long tiring day, well it's time for us to chill @ Pipeline.
A place covered by the Sinulog Music and surrounded by people who still has the Sinulog Mood!

January 16, 2012
DAY 2.

You see me? That's the best shot I got! haha!
Experiencing Cebu Zipline with 400 meters long! Whoooo!

Hunger Strikes after Screaming and heart's pumping very fast because of the Zipline.
Ordered ALBERTO's Pizza! =)

At Night...

Videoke time! Singing Diva, occupied room 12.

Now. A dancing queens and dancing kings at MO2.

January 17, 2012

DAY 3.

The famous Magellan Cross!

At the Taoist Temple.
Didn't get the chance to look at the inner beauty of the place, but at least we still got the chance to roam around the place. =)

At the TOPPs.
View from the Topps! =)
Let's get high!
See the splendid full view of Cebu City at Night!
It was really refreshing, fresh air and cold breeze!

Got the chance to wish and ring the bell!

Tourist coming all the way to Cebu, shouldn't miss the
Crown Regency's Skywalk Extreme!

Well, all I can say is.. I survived! Got the certificate for the proof!

Last night in Cebu City, played cards with friends and of course for the last time ordered Albertos! =) Yummy!

Before, I exit Cebu. I wanna experience the Yello Cab and the Jeep! So, I decided an hour before my departure I tried "sa lugar lang" and "bayad oh". haha!

Now, time to say "bye-bye" Cebu City!